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The First Stone

About the Author

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This is the About the Author Page, profiling Don Aker.


A high school teacher living in Middleton, Nova Scotia, Don Aker began writing in 1988 after taking a course for language arts teachers at the Martha's Vineyard Summer Writing Workshops in Massachusetts, where educators were encouraged to write along with their students. His first short story, "The Invitation," was anthologized three times, won the 1989 Atlantic Writing Competition, and received a $10,000 grant from Telefilm Canada to assist him in adapting it to a feature-length screenplay. Since then, he has published 10 books and numerous short stories and articles, consulted on several projects for publishers of educational materials, conducted a variety of workshops on teaching and writing, and given readings across Canada.


Don Aker's other novels include: Stranger at Bay, One on One, Of Things not Seen and more.