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The First Stone


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This is the page where you can read mini-bio's of some characters from 'The First Stone.'

Reef is the principle character in this novel. The basis of the book revolves around Reef's actions in the beginning. Reef likes to preform acts of redicery on his town, like throwing stuff into crowds, or on coming traffic, like he did in this case. Reef decides to throw a rock into traffic and it hits a car driven by Leeza, who then crashes and is hospitalized. Most of the novel is based around this, so I won't give away too much.

Alex is one of the other characters in the first stone. The book introduces Alex early into the book and is another one of Reef and Leeza's friends/accuaintences.

If you just read Reef's bio, you'd know that because of Reef's actions (throwing a stone into on coming traffic), Leeza gets involved in a car accident and is hospitalized. Leeza is in my oppinion the secondary main character next to Reef.

Jink and Bigger
Not much was based around Jink and Bigger's spots in the book, mostly just indicated as Reef's good friends.