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The First Stone


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This is were you can read a summary of the book.

Squeezing the rock in his clenched fist as he stood on the overpass made him feel powerful. He chose a random target and threw,  exploding Leeza Hemming’s world. Leeza now faces months of excruciating pain as she struggles to recover from the car crash that nearly killed her.
She finds a friend in a hospital volunteer, a young man about her age who doesn’t really want to be there. The two reach out to each other in their need for healing. Neither Leeza nor Reef realize their tentative relationship has its roots in an act of hate and cruelty.
The First Stone is the winner of the White Pine Award for 2003. Find out why it’s readers say it’s “amazing”, “powerful” a “must read”.

I found this book slow to start off. Not quite the begginning but the middle of the book. Many chapters were spent in the same spot, I wont ruin the book, but after that the book really picks up.
Significant Charcters include: Reef, Leeza, Frank Colville, Alex, Jink, and Bigger. Check out the 'Characters' page to get more info on some of these characters.